For Embroidery Workshops and Private Lessons in London and the South East, Please Contact me at or complete the contact form (link above) for availability and Pricing. I am an experienced teacher of all levels and can tailor the class and designs to your event. All Materials are Provided.

Alternatively, I can often be found teaching Embroidery at London Craft Club. (Feel Free to contact me to confirm it will be me teaching on the day!)


For Spinning Wheel and Drop Spindle Workshops in London and the South East, I now teach under a new name, ‘Ezzy Educates’. You can find me on Instagram @ezzyeducates and contact me through there or by completing the Contact form (see link above) for availability and pricing. If you have your own spinning wheel that is fine or I can provide up to 2 Wheels at one time! YUP, 2 gorgeous people can learn to spin! Maximum 2 people learning on the wheels in one class and maximum 10 people learning on Spindles so that you all get a nice big chunk of my attention. All Materials are provided.

Upcoming Classes:

Introduction to Drop Spinning @ the Village Haberdashery - West Hampstead

Private 3D Printed Turkish Drop Spindle Lessons - Your Choice of Location: